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Why hide the truth?

You know people probably don't have your best interests in mind when they won't give you straight information.

A lot of people forget; back several years ago, Obama commissioned the CDC to study gun crimes. What was interesting about that episode is the fact that they canned the data after the CDC found that guns actually don't cause that many problems; that most uses of guns are defensive; that they actually save more lives than are taken by them (for instance, around 85% of all annual fire-arm draws in the United States end with NO CASUALTIES, not even injuries.)

More information available here:

More recently, we've heard calls from the White House claiming that "guns are the leading cause of child deaths in America", which is also false. If you break down the crime data, they're 1) not talking about "children," 2) not talking about gun crime generally; a moderate amount of skepticism clearly shows that they're talking about youth gangs in urban America.

More on that here:

So what actually is the truth? Because despite being on this site, this post isn't really about guns. This is about the media and political operatives who lie openly all the time to get people to do what they want, and vote for those they want to enact their agenda. But who pays for that agenda? YOU do, and you pay for it with your rights. That's the truth.

Also, David Hogg is underdeveloped.



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