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DIY Renders "Common Sense" Gun Control Useless

Updated: May 12, 2023

This is not an article about the Second Amendment. This is not even an article about the philosophical underpinnings of the Second Amendment. This is an article about the fact that, like artificial intelligence and taxes, guns are here to stay no matter how much you want to eradicate them. Your friends and neighbors have them. Good guys have them. Criminals have them.

Voluntarily disarmament by you and your friends, your neighbors, and all the good guys does not and will not disarm criminals for one simple reason: You cannot outlaw knowledge. Specifically, knowledge in how to manufacture your own firearms. This is already being seen in cities as gang members turn to making their own weapons. Gang members in L.A. have been doing this.

Even if criminals decide to turn their guns in, the advent of 3D printing technology has birthed an entirely new space within the firearms industry. More accurately, though, it has spurred a DIY community capable of creating their own firearms. The days of large manufacturing operations being necessary for the production of firearms are rapidly disappearing. 3D printed accessories, 80% lowers & pistols, and related CNC & 3D printer plans are readily available.

The machinery and materials necessary to make your own firearm are extremely easy to access. With a minimal cost of entry, anyone can start producing firearm products in their home office or garage. A CNC machine and a block of aluminum are all that's required to make your very own almost-there (80%) "ghost gun". A quick trip to Home Depot for a few common household tools to mill it out to operational condition gets you the rest of the way there.

So if the sale of firearms is is made illegal and"ghost guns" are made illegal, law-abiding citizens turn in their guns like good little subjects, but CNC routers and aluminum are still legal, what is the end result? The end result is one class of people (criminals) with access to firearms. Gun control does not disarm criminals. Gun control disarms law-abiding citizens, robs them of an equalizing force in a confrontation that might otherwise kill them, and grants criminals a monopoly on what should be a basic human right. Unless proponents of gun control also ban CNC machines, 3D printers, aluminum (including scrap aluminum, like cans), and a myriad of hand tools found at any hardware store, only criminals will benefit from the ban of firearms.


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