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Homeowner uses would-be robber's gun in self defense

Not all good guys have guns. Some good guys are forced to defend themselves or others without the benefit of a firearm. Luckily for one homeowner in Hallsville, Texas, the bad guy was inept enough to give up his own gun during a struggle, which the homeowner then used to defend himself. Though the good guy here wasn't armed with his own firearm, gaining control of the gun and successfully using it in self-defense certainly puts this firmly in the "good guy with a gun" category.

Just after midnight on Friday, May 12th, William Joseph Feazell Jr. decided he'd get into a little bit of aggravated robbery against the Hallsville homeowner. During the ensuing struggle over the intruder's gun, Feazell was shot with his own gun by the homeowner and succumbed to his wounds and short time after. Though no arrests have been made since the evidence points to self defense, the Sheriff, Brandon "B.J." Fletcher said that, after the case is presented to the District Attorney, it will ultimately be up to the grand jury on whether or not to indict.

While we can be thankful that the good guy here seems to have come out on top. Things could have easily gone the other way as the only one armed was Feazell, the intruder with aggravated robbery on his mind. Had his intended victim been less physically able to wrestle the attacker, this may very well have ended in tragedy for the victim.


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